Sunday, October 23, 2016

Richmond Hill Fire Damage - Richmond Hill Fire Damage? Call The Experts At SERVPRO

By Carl Perazzola

23 Oct. 2016

After a fire occurs in your home, many issues arise that the average house owner does not know how to address. Some are minor and merely cosmetic, but others raise serious safety concerns. Before even considering staying in a fire and smoke damaged building, contact the team at SERVPRO to ensure all safety precautions are in place, and a detailed plan is created to clean, remove and replace personal items and fixtures as well as addressing any structural and air quality concerns that have moved front and center because of the fire and its outcome. The well-being of your family is paramount, and we can help you ensure you and your dear ones are protected. 
A home in Richmond Hill suffering fire damage must be inspected by personnel who have the experience and the training to make a professional decision on the habitability of a structure after a fire. Even smaller fires can cause building-wide issues if smoke and soot got into the ventilation system possibly necessitating that you vacate the structure until air quality concerns are managed and resolved. We can help you determine whether it is safe to remain in your home and can take steps to do emergency deodorization, cleaning, and containment to allow you and your family to remain in your home during the restoration process. If vacation of the building is indicated, we can help you move out secure in the knowledge that we have a plan to inventory, save and restore as many of your possessions as feasible with the cleaning and drying techniques we are expert in using. 
SERVPRO can respond to your particular fire damage situation swiftly and with the confidence that comes from years of helping fire victims move on with their lives. We are able to secure the structure with a board-up, advise on the procedures for refrigerated, frozen and boxed or canned food. We can arrange for inspection of electrical systems and a restoration of power when safe; deal with all manner of water, smoke and soot damage; and protect heating, cooling and plumbing appliances and systems until complete restoration is finished. If we cannot safely solve an issue, we work closely with other professionals who can, and your security and comfort are always at the center of what we do. 
A fire can leave you scared and uncertain of what steps to take first, but SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties will work with you to make sure you are on the path to fire damage recovery. Dial (912) 445-5190 for an immediate appointment with a fire loss expert 24/7. 

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